Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Off to Indy!

I will be leaving for Indy to go to the FDIC in a couple of hours. The FDIC is the countries (maybe the worlds) largest fire department conference held every year. There will be a lot of cool FD stuff there to see, but more importantly are the class and lectures available. Since being assigned at the training center, I have greatly expanded myself as a firefighter. This is part of that expansion. Seeing and learning how others do things, makes you better fit to do and to lead. I should have a good time. I have tried to convince my wife that this is job related, but she knows it is a week of hanging out with friends, talking about stuff we enjoy doing and drinking...a lot. But then again if you take the drinking out, that is what I do everyday when I go to work.

When I return I will get a good nights sleep and wake up in time for the Conquer the Canal TT. Then I will head to Langley the next day for two races (maybe). Here's my problem. I have not been on the bike since the last weekend of racing I did (Smackdown, Dismal Dash). The cycling gods have not been kind to me. I trained hard in January, got sick in February and never really recovered. I have been fighting a cough for 2 weeks (maybe longer). Last night was the first night I was able to sleep in my own bed and not worry about waking Jenni up with constant coughing. I had decided to hang the bikes up and take it easy until I recover. I feel recovered, but I won't be bringing my stuff with me to Indy. So this weekend of racing will be just the restart of my training. We'll see how it goes.

On the upside, school is nearly over for the semester (yes I am attempting to finish my 12 year long BS degree in exercise science). That will free up my Mondays and Wednesdays. Actually, Jenni will change her work schedule to work on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She works at Gold's Gym in the playroom and takes the kids with her. That means there is no one at home when I get home on those days. It makes it real easy to get on the bike. So Tuesday night training races and I'm thinking Thursday night team rides (what do you think team, maybe motor pacing)?

I'll try and take and post pictures from Indy...especially if we go to a strip club. I mean its work related, Jenni, we wouldn't go to a strip club.
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