Sunday, April 20, 2008

Todd Stadium Rain Down

The threat of rain didn't keep everyone away from Todd Stadium. JRVS has a great venue here and I usually love racing this course. Today's rain showers convinced me to race just the Master's 30+ and not the Cat 3 also. I went into the Masters race with the idea of helping to make sure John Gray got in the top ten. He is trying to get upgraded to three and we could use him in those races.

The race started with attacks and I was on the first three of them. Then a couple of laps on the front chasing a break that I didn't get into. After that I need a little recovery. Unfortunately the size of the field and how broken up it was gave no protection to rest and I ended up being one of the many split from the field. I still rode hard and on the last lap caught up with the primary field and got 12th. John ended up getting 9th, so mission accomplished.

Here are some pictures I took form my car during the Master's 40+ race.

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