Friday, January 30, 2009

Cross Fitting

Well I joined Mike and Sally on one of there weekly CrossFit adventures at Jeannie's CrossFit on Birdneck Rd. It was tough, that's for sure. Also there was Mike Hosang, Art and Kevin Horvath. Everyone did very well. I didn't pace myself very well and put myself in the red during the first rotation of burpees. Here's what are workout was:

40/30/20/10 of Burpees, Kettle Bell Swings, Pull-ups.

So you do 40 reps of each, then 30 reps, then you get the point. No scheduled rest, the goal is to complete them as fast as possible. I was fast witht he first set of Burpees (close behind Hosang) then the kettle bell swings killed me. Most of us did jumping pull-ups because who the hell can do that many regular pull-ups (kipping was an option if you knew how).

Here's a picture I found of them on another day. Taking out some aggression.

Good training and thanks for the invite.
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