Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Cold Day in Hell aka Virginig Beach Winter Endurance Challenge CX

It was cold. In the 20s. I got there at 9:30 to help out and volunteer. As I stood there I thought about how much I did not want to race. But Jenni, my wife, was out there too as an official. So when 12:00 came around I decided to pay my $30 and register for the B race.

I have not taken CX serious this year. I have focused the winter into getting into shape for the road season. I discovered something today about CX racing. Its not the cold, or the dismounts, or the hills...I can't ride on bumpy grass. I think next year that is something I will really work on. I will do intervals on grass. I don't know why I just can't ride fast on grass. What's the deal? Is it too small of a gear, or too big of a gear? It beats my upper body up and my legs don't move.

Well it was a long day, but I accomplished what I wanted. I wanted to go out and ride hard. Those that were out there noticed that I may have riden hard, just not fast.

Also out there representing the Virginia Beach Wheelmen was Jon Nisbet racing the A-race. Of course Jenni was there as an official and James Goyet showed up to take pictures. Also braving the cold to show support was Leah Nisbet and Tim Shockley. Sorry if I missed any other eyes were frozen and I still can't see very good.

Thanks to the promoters and sponsors. This was a very good CX course.
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