Sunday, March 1, 2009

Power Testing

I am in my last college class for my bachelor's degree in Exercise Science. This class is exercise testing. So not only am I learning to do the testing but I get to be tested on some fitness aspect once a week. The other thing is that I am a 33 year old in a class with all 20 and 21 year old students. So this week we did some power testing. Here's how I did:

40 yard dash:

Keep in mind this was done outside, into a head wind, on uneven grass (I guess the track was too far away so we had to use a grass strip in a parking lot with those gumballs everywhere that twist ankles). I got a 5.29 sec. That was second best in my class (5.27 sec was best time).

I found this chart below...I don't know if it means anything.

Vertical Jump Test:

Start with you arm stretched as high as you can with keeping your feet planted (heels on the ground). This is your starting position (mine was 7 feet 9 inches or 93 inches). Step a foot away from the wall and jump as high as you can and slap the wall. Some will read where your hand touches. No running or taking a step, you can squat down and use your arms as momentum, but that's it.

My jump reach was 120 inches (10 feet) for a difference of 68.8 cm.

In order to get my weight that high, my power calculation was 5,788.7 W.

Wingate Bike Test:

Using the Monark bike we performed the Wingate bike test. For this test your resistance level is calibrated based on your weight. After a warm up the resistance level is increased to 1/3 your prescribed level. You get your legs up to speed and then the level is rapidly increased the max. You pedal as hard as you can for 30 seconds. You are not trying to pace yourself for the 30 seconds because you want a peak power reading that will be obtained with your best 5 second interval. It was a long 30 seconds.

My peak power was 1070 W. My relative power was 12.4 W/kg. My capacity was 27136.2 J and my relative capacity was 314.1 J/kg. My fatigue index was 36%. This is a measure of your best 5 seconds and your worse 5 seconds. I think I slacked at the very end so I don't think the fatigue index is quite right.
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