Monday, March 23, 2009

Sleepy Hole Smackdown Pics

Here are some pictures taken by James Goyet of the Cat 3 race:

Members of Facebook can see some more of his photos here.

Leah Nisbet took some pictures of all the races (I think) and they could be found here.

They include even ones like this:

Here I am trying to explain to this lady that "no, you cannot drive on the course and I don't care that you do it every Sunday." She didn't think we were being very fair to her and she was going to take care of it in the morning. She had already done some off roading past the cones to make it on the course during the Women's warm up. She then showed up later and tried to sneak past the FJ cruiser we parked there. This time I told her I was going to take her keys away. She said she was leaving but I was very fearful that she was just backing up to have room to be at full speed when she hit the pack of riders.

It was a very good day of racing. But I'm not going to bore anyone with race reports. Thank you to everyone who came out.
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