Thursday, March 12, 2009

Where are all the Cat 3 racers?

What else is happening this weekend that has taken all the Cat 3 racers from racing?  I have always thought that a Cat 3 only category was a good thing.  It seems like a rarity these days but, I have always said that was one category I would ensure I would include on the races I promoted.

That will probably change.  The first race of the year other than the training races are happening this weekend.  We currently have 10 racers registered for the Cat 3 race.  5 of them are from my team that I put in.  Unfortunetly what this does is show other promoters throughout the rest of the season not to hold a Cat 3 only race.  So for any Cat 3 racer with ambition to upgrade, you need to already be good enough to beat the Cat 2 and 1s to earn those points.  Plus it will allow BAR competitions to be won by the time trialist since that is where the majority of the points will come from.

I know I sound bitter, but I'm just a little disappointed.  I love to race Cat 3 races.

What's the reason?  Any ideas?
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