Thursday, March 19, 2009


The race in Smithfield on June 27th is going to be a Time Trial.  I would like to make it a two-man team time trial but would like some input and get an idea of how many people would be interested in it.  I would also offer individual categories so that it is not limited to those racers who have a teammate to race with.  The big question I have is how much does everyone care about the BAR points.  Individuals cannot earn BAR points in a team time trial, only the team can earn the points.  So if I were to make it a BAR event, how many of you would do the individual event just so you could earn individual BAR points.  What if no BAR points were given?  Would that effect your decision to race?  The thing that I would really like to do, and the primary focus of the race is the 2-man Team Time Trial.  The individual TT will be included as not to limit the racers, but I don’t want that to make up the majority of the race.  So here are some of my options:

No BAR points.  Larger prizes will be offered in the team competition (maybe only bragging rights in the individual competition).
Team BAR points for the 2-man TTT and no BAR points in the individual competition.
Team BAR points for the TTT and BAR points for the individual competition.  Prizes would be offered in the TTT but not the individual.

I am open for suggestions and opinions.  I have not heard of a TTT in this area ever.  So I wanted to do this as a way to add variety to our racing.  The more feedback I get the better I can make this event. 

The start of this race is going to be just a couple of blocks from Main St. where they will be having their Olden Days Festival.  Originally this race was going to be a crit in the middle of the festival.  When the festival organizers approached the town departments about the race, it was shot down for safety of the festival attendees.  The crit was going to cross Main St. in two parts and they were concerned with 7,000+ people at the festival that it would be hard to keep people off the course.  We were asked if we could move the race to the Sunday and they would continue the festival for us, minus all the venders on Main St.  This would help keep people safer.  The Reston Crit was already on the calendar when that request was made.  This time trial is our compromise.  What they want from us next year is to do the time trial on the Saturday of the festival, then a crit on the next day.  So the more successful I can make this race, the more likely we can have another Main St style of race in the near future.  So your input is very important.

Thank you.

-- Joshua Goyet
Virginia Beach Wheelmen, President

"Race like you are the best, train like you are racing the best."
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