Monday, August 13, 2007

How Fast Does Time Go?

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about what a great season it was going to be. We trained hard through the cold and come out fit and motivated. Now the season has come to an end. I am very pleased with my teams results this year. If there is anything I can say for sure, it was that we always work as a team. When one of won, all of us won. Good times.

I remember staying up late in hotel rooms with all these guys. We were 16,17 years old and lighting our farts...much to the dismay of Pam Zimmerman who drove us around the country to race as juniors. We went from Juniors to Masters in what seemed like one season (maybe because we didn't race for ten years in between). Now the last of our group has turned the big 3 0 . Happy birthday Jon.

Of course nothing says happy 30th birthday like a race around a go cart track.

How fast can you go? The better question is how fast does time go? Racing seasons fly by, my daughter is starting Kindergarten this year and other is starting Preschool. Us juniors have all turned 30 and most with kids. Time goes to fast.

Speaking of fast times. My new TT bike gave me a new PR in PT TT#3. 53:56. And great race on Saturday. The Masters 30+ was a fast fun race. No one ever stopped racing until the end. It was a great last weekend. Thanks for all the 2007 road season memories.
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