Friday, August 10, 2007

My own personal mountain bike trail...

...well sort of. I have been given permission to cut a trail through the woods at work (the fire training center on Birdneck Rd) We have a ton of wooded area and I think I can get a two mile trail, maybe more. It should be fun. Part of it will go through the USAR (urban search and rescue) rubble pile, K9 search course, and a brush fire training area. The real purpose of the course is a running trail for the recruits, but someone has to keep it packed down. So I plan on using my cross bike and mountain bike a handful of times a week. I haven't done much so far...110 degree weather is not nice to be out doing that kind of work. I'm hoping I have some down time with the recruits so I can make them do it.

Just think, I get paid for this.

Any advice for cutting this trail. Right now I am making a real workout out of it. I'm using a rake.
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