Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lunge This Way

Strength and conditioning time of year has arrived. This time of year is when I get back in the gym and focus on some strength, power and endurance that I might have lost during the summer. Since Velocity worked so well for me last year I decided to use many of those concepts even this early in the off season. is a great site for some very different workouts. It is a perfect plan for firefighters, I use it as I need during the off season. Yesterday the workout was walking lunges for 400m.

I know what your thinking...that's it? Yeah right. Try it. 400 meters, one trip around a track, 1/4 of a mile, continues walking lunges with your knee kissing the ground. How fast can you do it. I did mine in 18:55. I challenge you to try it and post your times to the comments.

Don't plan on going down any stairs the next day.
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