Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Catching up

I have had a very busy couple of days. This is the first year since I have been back into racing that I have been this motivated to log miles in the winter. All I can seem to think about is getting on my bike. After my ride on Saturday I was really looking forward to getting at least another 50 miles in on Sunday including the Peter Tweeuwen ride. I went to church the family on Sunday were I irritated my wife because I spent most of the time texting my teammates on when we were going to meet for the ride.

After church, plans fell through a little. I picked up John and headed to Suffolk to meet James. We diverted and figured to go straight to the ride and just pedal around the area until the 1 o'clock start time. There was a decent turn up considering the chance of rain. And a lot of people were able to make it a long ride by riding from Virginia Beach or other areas around. I didn't bring my camera for fear of the rain.

On Monday, after work I had class. I have put off graduating from ODU long enough. With just 3 classes left to take I jumped in this semester with two of them. Exercise Prescription for Chronic Disease and Organic Chemistry Lab. After class it was off to Velocity. Kevin wrote an excellent description of the good times we have there. (Pictures were taken by Kevin Horvath)

The Velocity group after Monday's workout.

Don't hate because I'm sexy.

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