Friday, January 4, 2008

Tour De Garage-its freak'n cold outside

Its cold outside. That is a legitimate reason to move your training indoors. I don't know about you, but I have a hard time building base miles while on the trainer. I have never been able to just get on and pedal on the trainer. But this time of year, that is exactly what I need to do. During the month of January my focus is aerobic base and muscular strength. I do these two together for one reason. This is when I lose weight. The base training helps lose the weight and the muscular strength training helps maintain muscle while I lose the fat. So a lot of my indoor workouts this time of year might include the gym, Velocity training, or hill workouts on the trainer. But also on the trainer I will attempt longer rides. Of course for me an hour and a half is long for the trainer. Here is one of my workouts:

Spend the first 15 minutes warming up. Use some of the warm ups I have provided before our use your own.

The key to keeping your sanity during long trainer rides is to be able to focus on a period of time of no longer than 5 minutes. Here's what I mean:

Warm up
15-20 minutes what ever you want
5 minutes in Big ring/18 spinning at a cadence of around 90
5 minutes in Big ring/12. Stand for first minute, sit for second minute, than stand for third minute...
5 minutes in small ring/18. Recovery spin at greater than 100 rpm.

Repeat this cycle for no less than 4 times. This workout gives good leg spin, recovery time and strength building. 5 minute intervals are easy to stay focused on.

Cool Down
Add some 1-legged intervals and an easy spin for your cool down.

Enjoy the cold if you like it...enjoy the trainer if you don't.
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