Friday, January 18, 2008

Check your jersey at the door.

"Check you jersey at the door" is a quote I pulled from K-dawg's blog. He was talking about our training sessions at Velocity. Riders from 3 teams meet on Monday nights and get specialized off-the-bike training that leaves us sore for the next two days that follow. This type of interteam training has allowed me to become real friends with more riders this past year and has grown some good team alliances. I still fully believe in the team only rides in which invites only go to team members. But riding, and actually training with these other teams brings us all together in a way I haven't experienced before. Sure, I have always done group rides, but thats not training together, thats riding together.

For me this type of training began in the fall when I took up cyclocross. The more experienced guys and gals from Tripower set up practice sessions and invited everyone in the 757. They were not stingy on their advice either. I learned a lot. Most of these same people are the ones who have joined me and my team with the Velocity training.

So why am I talking about this now? I was thinking about this on the ride this morning. Ten of us met and went for a 2.5 hour ride. The ride consisted of 7 Tripower riders and 3 Virginia Beach Wheelmen riders (that's me). The ride was a Tripower ride but the invitation was also sent to those of us who we part of the cyclocross training during the fall. I was just thankful to be included in all these invites from other teams. Thanks guys.

Here are some back of the paceline camera phone pictures from todays ride:

Don't get me wrong. Come racing season we are rivals once again. Well rivals that meet for beer and pizza after the races.
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