Monday, January 7, 2008

Icy Hot

No I'm not refer to the cream you put on sore muscles. Although I do have a story about that...think about it. My days as a runner, sore groin muscle, Icy Hot applied to that area just before a ten mile run. Let's just say my mind was not on the pain of the run that day.

No, I am referring to this weekend's weather. Saturday morning I got up to do the Tripower training ride from Conte's (AKA the Saturday morning stage race.) It was 24 degrees out. Freak'n cold. Although by the end of the ride the temperature had risen to 44 degrees, my toes were still frozen and I could feel my fingers for a few hours later. But good day. 70 miles completed.

Now let's fast forward to Sunday. 2pm start time for the All About Bikes ride in Chesapeake. Much different weather. Near 70 degrees the entire ride. Windy, but very comfortable ride. Because of the wind it wasn't quite the relaxed, base building ride it was supposed to be. I'm just glad I did not bring my fixed gear. Good turnout too. About 15 riders from All About Bike Racing and Virginia Beach Wheelmen. I forget my camera. It would have been good pictures. Albe did bring his helmet cam though, so look for some video maybe. 50 miles completed.

Good weekend for me. Hope everyone else is also getting the good miles in. No ride for me today though. Work, then Velocity tonight.
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