Friday, January 11, 2008

Wine and Dine

Keagan's at Town Center (I think they also have one in Newport News) does a Wine and Dine Night on Thursdays. $30 for two entrees and a bottle of wine. Its like getting a bottle for free. Jenni and I decided to try it out. The food is awesome. Kids enjoyed there corn dog bites.

Jenni enjoyed here wine.
This place runs deals throughout the week. For a lot of us Sundays may be the time to go. It is their Serve Your Country night. Military, Police, Fire and Teachers get a free meal (I think it is buy one get one free).

On a cycling note, I got on my TT bike yesterday. Just went out with John to the county and rode sort of easy in the wind. Felt good and comfortable. That bike has been hanging in my garage unused since July.
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