Monday, November 17, 2008

Tour De Garage-Power Endurance

Time to use those trainers for workouts and not just to warm-up for time trials. I have done a couple of workouts this season so far. Usually this time of year I ride indoors before work when it is too dark to get in a good workout. That is what I did yesterday. My workout consisted of very short, full effort burst.

My warm up:
5:00 easy pedaling (small ring)
5:00 alternating seating and standing pedaling every :30 (big ring, top of the cog set)
6:00 one-legged efforts 1:00 at a time (big ring, top of the cog set)

The Workout:
5 x :30 power efforts. Big ring and top of the cog set (like 17). 1:00 RI (rest interval)
5 x :30 power efforts. Big ring and bottom of the cog set (like 12). 1:00 RI
Rest for 2:00 between those two set.

6 x :15 one-legged power efforts. Big ring and middle of cog set (like 15). :45 RI
Complete all 6 sets for one leg, rest for 2:00, then complete all 6 for the other leg.

Warm down:
Spin in an easy gear for at least 5:00
Easy pedaling for as long as required.

Give it a try and post what you think to the comments.

Update to post:

Nick made a very good point in the comments:
hey man just wondering but dont you think its a little bit early to be doing that intense, short work.

id stick with the longer intervals 2x20 or 1x30 depending on how long ur on the trainer.
He's right. This time of year is too early to be doing intense power intervals on the bike. Right now we are doing some load bearing power endurance training off the bike. Our trainer workouts are sub-threshold workouts just like Nick suggested. I was taking some of the information I am learning from my new coach and trying to apply it to some of the in-season workouts we could be doing.

These workouts are much more interesting to post then the sub-threshold long intervals. Although I will be posting some of those.

Thanks for point Nick.

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