Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change is upon us.

I am going to keep my talk about the election and politics to local races. In Virginia Beach it looks like we are getting a new mayor after two decades. Is that good? Virginia Beach is a City Manager run government and the mayor is simply another vote on council. So a new mayor can only do so much damage or good. I heard a lot of people talk about needing a new mayor and my only response was "why?" Virginia Beach is doing well. We may hate paying personal property taxes on vehicles and our homes, but the money has to come from some where. City services are top notch and based on the continued development of Town Center it looks like we are attracting new businesses as well.

Just a thought. We knew what we had with Oberndorf, now we have to wait to see what we are going to get with Sessoms.

Speaking of change. I made a first step in changing the look of the VCA race calendar for next year. I have found a good course, the town is excited to have us, and it comes with thousands of spectators there for a festival.

Here's the hint:

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