Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mad Skills

I rode the rollers yesterday and decided to try one-legged efforts.  Never tried them on the rollers before.  I have mad skills.  I was able to them with no problem.  So I thought to myself...self, this would make a good blog post.  Especially if I had a picture of it.  Well it was 6 in the morning and I didn't think my wife would want to get out of bed just to take a picture.  So I figured I would attempt to take one myself.  So imagine legged intervals on the rollers, holding a camera while trying to get a blog photo.

You would be keen to notice there is no picture attached.  I only rode off the rollers once attempting to get it.  Next time, I'll have someone else take it.

How good are you on the rollers?  Stupid rollers tricks...sounds like a good blog assignment.
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