Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bike Jam Excuses

I got pulled about half way through the 30+ race at Bike Jam yesterday. Even though I didn't even finish the race I don't consider the day a waste. Although I could come up with a bunch of excuses as to why I didn't do well, I am aware really that it was my fault. But what the hell, here's the excuses:
  • I didn't warm up.
  • I only did one lap of the course prior to the start.
  • I was caught behind a gap that was formed from someone else.
Although those excuses sound good when explaining to you friends why you got pulled, here's what really happened:

Instead of warming up I watched the races. I did only get to ride the course once so I was not comfortable for the first few laps. I got in the back of the pack and could not move up. I knew from past racing and every bit of advice anyone could give ever give...never ride in the back. With such a large field gaps form and if they form in the right part of the course they could be hard to close. A lot of gaps were starting to form and I was doing my best to stay up with the group. I had just closed a gap in the back straight away. Another gap form on the finishing hill when someone tried to go from one side all the way over to the pit with a flat (or something) and it caused a slow down and then not everyone was able to catch up. I was behind riders who were not able to catch up. So a group of us got pulled about 5 laps later.

With better fitness I would have been able to close any gap. But I should have raced like I know how to and ride in the front. But it was a fun day and I got a lot of pictures. I will post those pictures when I get home to Virginia Beach tomorrow. For know I am going to go ride some hills.
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