Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bike Jam Pictures

Part of my desire to race Kelly Cup was the fact that it has been since I was a junior that I have done a big race like this. Since my return to the sport 3 years ago I have pretty much stayed locally. So although I had a bad race, I was able to hang around for many hours and soak in the atmosphere of the NRC race. I think that alone will make me faster, or at least more motivated. I took some pictures while I was there. Here are a few of them.

Masters 30+/40+ race was fast. It always sucks to be able to get pictures of the end of the race that you are supposed to be in...but oh well. This race ended up having a very fast break away which came down to a good sprint. The field followed just as aggressively.

Women's Pro,1,2,3 race was very exciting. A lot of attacks. A crash happened right at the start/finish line that required a regrouping and restart of the field because they were unable to get it cleared before the pack returned. These women were fast and they kicked ass.

Pro,1 race was actually pretty exciting. With 40 laps they maintained a pack for the over half the race and then some serious attacks occurred. The winning break was originally 8 riders and that number was cut in half, but the big names were in it. Rite Aid missed the move as did a couple other of the pro teams. But the race promoting Kelly Benefits made the move and got the win. No pics of the finish, I was too busy watching it.

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