Monday, May 19, 2008

Diet...What diet?

A lot of elite athletes live the athletes lifestyle. This life includes a healthy diet. I knew a guy once who ate the same thing at the same time every single day to ensure he got the proper nutrition. He had calculated what he needed from years of trial and error. This guy did not have much of a social life because dates and hanging with friends would interfere with his diet.

While most of us don't live that extreme, athletes do tend to watch what we eat. If we watch more we would most likely be better athletes. So why is it so hard sometimes to eat the way we should. Excuses. There are always reasons or excuses not to eat well. Here are my favorite (and yes I have used them all):

  1. I'm hungry. When I get hungry I lose self control.
  2. Junk food is easier and a lot of times cheaper.
  3. You can't eat healthy at a party. (And during the summer it seems like there are parties every weekend.)
  4. What do you mean, I ride all the time so I CAN eat this way.
  5. I'll start my diet on Monday.
For me it takes one meal during the week to throw me off. If I lose control of my diet for a single meal I am more likely to eat bad the rest of the week with the idea that I'll just get back on it on Monday. So here we are. Let's see how long it last.

It seems like our racing break in the VA is soon over. I have registered for Kelly Cup and will be spending the Memorial Day weekend in Jefferson (near Fredrick) Maryland. Anyone want to hook me up with some good ride information there. Usually when I am up there I just ride solo, its the only chance I usually have to ride some hills.
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