Saturday, May 3, 2008

Why I did not race Wintergreen.

If you have been a cyclist for any length of time you have heard every excuse imaginable as to why someone did not do a particular race. Actually I don't think you can even call yourself a racer until you have successfully used these five excuses...and meant them.
  1. I didn't want to drive for 3 hours to race 7 miles.
  2. I had to skip the race to get in a long ride. My training plan calls for long miles this week.
  3. I've been sick and have been off the bike all week long.
  4. I had family commitments.
  5. I had to work on my house.
The last one is starting to be the go to excuse, and Gene I am not just referring to you. I think I have heard house work or house repairs more often in the last couple of years then anything. But then again I have a team were every year at least one person is buying or selling their house...and we only have 7 people on the team.

This year I have used the family commitments and of course the being sick one quite a bit. However none of them are used for the reason why I did not race Wintergreen. I could tell you that family commitments prevent me from spending the weekend there, and I could tell you because of being sick all year I didn't have the fitness level to compete. Although those might be true it boils down to this:

I'm a f#$king p$##y and that race is hard. I still remember the pain from last year and did not want to race. Besides I needed to get some long miles in this week.

What are your favorite no racing excuses? Next week I'll post my favorite excuses as to why I didn't do well in a race.
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