Friday, November 9, 2007

Bending Crank Arms

Today was one of the first days of the winter that I have done a trainer workout. I have gotten on the trainer on my fixed gear to spin but not a true workout yet. I didn't get to do the cross ride last night and felt I needed a hard workout. I bought a couple of videos before Bike Zone closed and decided to give it a shot.
Bending Crank Arms was the name of the Spinerval tape. Anyone do that one? A lot of the training was off the bike squats. Example: as many squats as you can do in 45 seconds, then hold the isometric squat in the down position for 1 minute. Rest and repeat. They hurt. All bike work was done in the Big Ring/11. My thighs were burning. But it felt real good. Gave me an excuse to go to Red Robins with the family and tear into a cheeseburger.
One thing I like about doing these trainer workouts is my kick ass trainer. Last year Kurt Kinetic gave our team a sponsorship Pro deal pricing. This trainer normally sells for like $700. Its worth it. Its called the Rock n Roll. You can stand and move your bike side to side. Even when seated you bike moves more like you were on the road. It also comes with an additional 12 lb flywheel you can put on for endurance trainer rides. I love it. I was thinking of starting a regular group trainer ride. Different people can host it each week and make up their own workouts or use a video. I have a small garage but I think I can squeeze at least 6-8 people. Anyone interested? Maybe Tuesday nights.

In case your wondering, the fridge in my garage is a beer fridge. Now who's interested?
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