Monday, November 19, 2007

Who is that guy?

I was at work today at the Virginia Beach Fire Department Training Center and the fire recruits from Chesapeake came to learn about flashovers. Those that have read my blog know how much I love the flashover prop. Its hot, the fire is real and there is no other way to get that close to a flashover without dying.

Well as the day went on I thought one of the CFD recruits looked familiar. I just couldn't think of who he looked like. At the end of their visit, I had them line up to ask if anyone had any questions. That's when I heard someone say "hurry up Deaton, we're always waiting on you."

Deaton, huh? Jimmy Deaton's brother. Bingo. The dude looks just like him.

Now I leave you with this. Confused on who should be our next president. Chuck Norris knows who he will vote for.

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