Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ride through the CX

Barrier, run ups, CX ride through, hills...this race had it all. Pictured here is Jon Nisbet flying through the barriers. Picture was taken by Brian from
Good job to the folks at Tripower for putting on an awesome cyclocross race at Mt. Trashmore today. We were told to expect something special in place of the spiral. Riding through the giant CX was not only challenging but it was also very creative and interesting.

I think my cross season is done. I will be going to Disney World during the final race in the Virginia Series. I won't be giving up on the CX bike though. The burning daily at work will end soon (in about two weeks) and I will be able to put in some good training. I didn't realize how much being in that burn building at 300 degrees every day for two months was going to wear me out. It has sort of deconditioned me because I am just too tired when I get home to put in any real training. But no excuses. Those guys I have been racing with are fast and cross racing in hard...very hard.

Good job to all my teammates. Thank you to John Gray for relieving me of my medic duties so I could race. Thanks to the All About Bike guys for inviting us to the tent. Sorry I couldn't make it, in-laws were expecting me for dinner. Hope you had a good time.
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