Sunday, November 25, 2007

Saturday Morning Stage Race

35 Degrees!!!! That's what my thermometer said when I woke up for the Saturday morning ride. Yikes, that is cold. But I am motivated to ride and I have time. This will be the first Saturday in like 4 weeks I wasn't busy with something else.

By the time the ride started it had warmed up to like 40 something. Still cold, pace pretty fast. I felt a little tired and uncomfortable, but John Grey and Kevin smack talked me into doing stage 2 of the ride.

I was glad I did, even though that was fast also. But I needed the speed training. When I got home, I was busy. We were throwing my in-laws a surprise 30th anniversary party. Everything went well with that....except the fact they showed up about an hour apart from each other.

For Sunday, all I want to do is chill around the house and watch football. This hosting large events (Thanksgiving and party) at my house is tiring.
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