Monday, November 5, 2007

Leesburg Turkey Cross

One way to describe this race....awesome. This was the furthest north I had traveled. I got to the race just in time to watch the start of the CAT 4 men. 92, that was cool to watch. There was a very good and exciting emcee who kept everyone up to date on who was leading and who was chasing.

There were definitely fewer starters for the CAT 3/4 race, but it was still the largest field I had raced in. K-dawg and I represented the 757. Advice given to me by Kevin at the start "ride light". So I did. No mechanical problems, no crashes, no excuses. I didn't do well, but it was a fitness issue, that is fixable. My riding technique is improving. So I was very excited and happy at my outcome.

Then I sat around and drank a little beer out of a Bike Zone water bottle and watch the elite women race and then the elite men. Crazy had his work cut out for him. Although he didn't seem too happy about his results, he really picked up the pace in the second half and caught a number of places. Bishop tore that race apart, and I was exciting to watch those guys and how smooth they were over the transitions.

So bottom line, I suffered, had fun hanging around with friends, and finished without any was a great race. See you at Trashmore.
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