Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

This is the day for food, family and friends. What are you doing on this holiday. As for me, my family and my wife's family will all be at my house starting around noon. Jenni has been very busy the last few days preparing. As for me, I have been working and am attempting to find something to do Thanksgiving morning to get me out of the house...just kidding honey.

Normally for me Thanksgiving is a running morning. I have done the Turkey Trot in the past, but last year we did the Turkey Derby sponsored by Gold's Gym in Virginia Beach. I would love to do the ride with Kevin and the gang, but 60 miles on the bike is a little too long when I should be home helping the misses.

So regardless what I decide, the day should go like this. Workout in the morning. Drink beer upon arrival at home (in preparation of the full house). Eat turkey. Fall asleep while watching the football games. Wake up for more beer and pie. Say good bye to the guest, turn to my wife and hear her say, "you get to clean up".

Happy Thanksgiving. Everyone be careful of kitchen mishaps. Did you see that Plaxico Burress of the Giants gave everyone in Twin Canal a free turkey and ham? I wish I was back at Station 18 this Thanksgiving, someone is burning down an apartment.
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