Monday, November 12, 2007

Veteran's Day Cross Ride

As the sun rises three guys from the Virginia Beach Wheelmen Cyclocross team take off on what was supposed to be a three hour tour of Virginia Beach. Leaving from Red Mill area, Jon, Tim and myself head down the newly expanded Nimmo Pkwy to some undiscovered trails.

After those trails we headed to Dam Neck to hit those trails. On the way there we discovered a potential place for a cross race next year...the area of Corporate Landing near the big fountain.
After Dam Neck we headed down General Booth to the boardwalk. Is it too early for Holiday Lights at the Beach?
Just fooling around with the camera.
Off to 64th street and onto Seashore State Park toward the boat landing. Almost all the way to the end and snap!...broken chain. Tim's power was no match for his chain and no one had a chain tool. What would we do?
Quick Jon, flag down that helicopter before it takes off. Too late, I can't believe it left without us. Well a phone call to my wife, Jenni, saved the day. She was not busy and would meet us at 64th street. Now how do we get Tim out of the woods. Dam that helicopter for leaving.

But who needs air transportation when you have teammates. Tim, just hold on while Jon pushes you out. A little bike handling training. Jon having to ride through the sand with one hand. And so do I. I had to get pictures of this.
For those of you ever in this situation, it is far easier to pull than to push. Now its, Tim's turn to ride with one hand.We made it out quickly and waited for Jenni. Nearly two hours. Not quite the ride we were looking for but it was good. And we have Velocity training tonight. Well now its time to meet everyone at Olive Garden for some soup, salad and breadsticks, and talk about who is going to buy a chain tool.
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