Monday, December 31, 2007

Belgium Day

Belgium Ride. That is what my brother and I use to call rides done in terrible weather. Kind of like Belgium classics when it is cold, rainy, sleet, cloudy and/or foggy. For anyone who got on the bike yesterday, probably had themselves a Belgium ride. As for me, I called my teammate Tim and asked if he was up for a bad weather fixed gear ride...he was not. So my back up was a Belgium run with my brother James.

To set this up, keep in mind I have not run since sometime in July or August. So I met James and his friend Mark at Noland Park in Newport News. For those that have never been there, this is an excellent running route. It is off road, but very nice maintained trails (sorry, no bikes allowed). It is a five mile loop with rolling hills (just big enough to hurt.) I think there is something like 18 bridges to cross.

So, cold weather, no running in a while, running with two guys who do run regularly, and on an off road rolling hills course. Needless to say I hurt a little. We went what would normally be an easy pace for me (8 minute mile), but I hurt, especially the final 2 miles.

Doesn't matter how much I hurt during the Belgium Run, I felt good the rest of the day. I always do. When you can get out and train on days that most people don't want to even look out the windows, it adds a little edge to your mental toughness. And for those that don't care about Belgium Rides or Runs, I will be posting another Tour De Garage soon.

Happy New Years.
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