Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bring on the cold!

Last year I had a good pair of tights but the zipper on the leg broke. So like an idiot I threw them away instead of getting them fixed. That left me with just a very thin pair. So I made a trip to All About Bikes yesterday and picked up a pair of these.

They have the wind barrier even on the bib section. I still need to get a better pair of gloves and some better bootie covers (all I have are toe covers). But this will be a big help to get me outside when the temperature drops.

On a side note. The burn training at work is over for now. After 2 months of burning 4 days a week, we are done...What am I going to do now?...."I'm going to Disney World!"
I leave 1 week from today. December 9-15. Jenni won't let me bring my bike.
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