Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

What did you get this year? Any cycling stuff? My Christmas is broken into three distinct parts. The first part is the family (wife and kids) Christmas first thing in the morning. Kids (5 and 3) were excited and had a blast this year. My wife got me golf lessons and driving range time from Lynnhaven Golf Park I don't play golf, but I have always wanted to be just good enough to go out and play with friends. So I'm excited about starting that. I won't let myself get too involved, all I need is another hobby/sport to take away more of my spare time.

Part 2 of Christmas is about to happen. My wifes family comes over to my house and we have breakfast and another round of presents opening.

Part 3 of Christmas starts at about 2:30. We leave the family at my house and travel to Smithfield for my half of the family. There we have another round of presents and end with dinner. It is a long day, but we have a good time. And the girls get a lot of presents.

I'll keep everyone posted if I get any bike parts. Just remember I accept regifting of any bike stuff you don't want.

Merry Christmas.
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