Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Congrats to Cross Nationals racers

I have read the emails and the blogs of those who have gone to Kansas to race in the cross nationals. This was my first year cross racing and every race this year was done in shorts and short sleeve. So the conditions at Nationals sounds terrible. The local racers represented well I think.

Mike Hosang (AKA Crazy) wrote this about his race:
My race...I had a 2nd row start, the gun goes off, I'm hitting the first corner around 5th or 6th spot, and had a great warm up. A few in the front go down and so begins the pileup, putting be back in a matter of seconds to 30th or 40th......back on the bike to try to make up spots, and after 2 laps, I was inching back toward the top 20 with 2 laps to go, and a piece of ripped caution tape that was hanging on to a stake got blown into my cassette. It got all wrapped up in it before I had a clue it was even there. Since I can't run as most of you know, and I did not have a pit bike anyway, I had to spend the next 2 minutes spinning the wheel this way and that to get the tape out. Back on the bike to muster out a 32nd place finish. Quite disappointed, but that's cross.

Kevin Horvath post his adventures on his blog.

Although neither one of those guys seemed happy about their performance, they did well just going and braving the conditions. And both of them did a hell of lot better than I would have done. I thought I also heard Sean Yeager did well in the B race.

Mike and Kevin got back to town just as it was time for Velocity training. Needless to say they skipped this week. Here's what they missed (this was at the end of the workout, the last 15 minutes after some leg speed, ladder work and hip motion drills.)

25 pull ups
50 Deadlifts
50 Wipers
50 Clean and press
50 push ups
50 box jumps
25 pull ups

My body feels worked after that workout.
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