Friday, December 7, 2007

Vacation Time is Here!!!

I am packing up the family and flying to Disney World on Sunday. I started my vacation a little early because I knew I would be useless at work today. Its probably a good thing, I feel like I'm getting a cold. Everyone at work has been sick, Jenni has been sick, and now me. I think I can fight this quickly, thanks to Airborne. One week at Disney with the family, it doesn't matter if I am sick or not, I am going to enjoy this.

I don't know how many of you tried my one legged interval training session, but it was hard. It was the first one legged workout I had done this winter and I could tell I needed the work. On the second set in the aero position, my circles felt more like squares. What did you guys think? Those of you who did it that is. K-dogg says he can't get himself to ride a trainer...doesn't he know he is less likely to crash? Sorry man I couldn't help it.

The Redskins won last night. I am not a Skins fan, and I picked Chicago in my football pool. Oh well. I am doing the FM99 football pool. There are a couple thousand people in it and I am currently in 44th place. I am only 6 wins off of first. The last couple of weeks I picked the Skins and they lost. So for you Skins fans, I'll let you know when I pick them to lose (their probably win then).
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