Saturday, December 8, 2007

Pre Vacation Horror

It all started Wednesday morning when my wife and I walked into the guest room and discovered a broken window. Cause: BB. Although I am sure I piss a lot of people off, I believe this was just kids being careless. Nonetheless, I was a little pissed and filed a police report anyway, just in case we found out who it was, we could get them to pay for it. Not that big of deal. It only went through the storm window. It could wait for after vacation. (That being said, does anyone know if a window company sponsors any local cycling teams? I usually try to use supporters of the sport first.)
Then of course the few days leading up to D-day (Disney day), the whole family gets sick. But today everyone is pretty good and most of it is out of our systems. Good.

James, my brother, was coming from Suffolk to Virginia Beach to meet us for Brunch today. He was going to lend us a video camera and a spare card for our digital camera. At about 11 o'clock he told us he was running late, was going to wait for his wife to get off work. We still had some errands to run so we headed north on Independence. 4 cars in front of us some guy was carrying pallets on his roof and they came off. You can image the squealing of brakes and skidding this caused. We stopped in time, the car behind us did not. My wife was pissed. We have only had this car for 5 months.
A little rear end damage. He attempted to avoid us by changing lanes but didn't quite make it. Not bad right?

I don't think that wheel is supposed to be that close to the fender. Looks like bent axle. Man did it make a terrible noise driving it home. By the way, the other guy only had is car since Saturday.

So I called my brother and told him to take his time. We went home, changed cars, called the insurance company. We were starving by this time. James called, he was on his way. We left. James and his wife Amanda were having a conversation about our wreck. She asked, "How do you even make an insurance claim? I've never had to do it before" Just as he got off of 264...crash. They were about to find out how to make an insurance claim. So we got the call from him and drove to his accident. It was about a half mile from my accident. His 2007 Honda had a few scratches and dents. Not too bad right?
Air bags deployed and seat belts locked. The car is not drivable.

So we finally made it to Silver Diner and then went home and put away the car keys. I am know writing this while drinking a Yuengling.

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