Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Big Day!

I haven't posted my weeks training plan because I decided to go planless this week. I did good training last week although I did miss a vital workout which was the Thursday intervals. Family got in the way. But I have been feeling pretty good. I decided to take off Sunday, Monday and Tuesday so today will be my first day back on the bike since Saturday. Its been a busy week.

At 10:30 I have my assessment center for fire captain promotion. So my week's concentration has led up to this. Although I still have a lot to do by Friday, this will relieve some pressure off of me.

So I plan to go for a ride after the assessment center and enjoy the rest of the day off. I also need to put a package together and send off to the FDIC in order to teach a class there next Spring. That is actually a very big deal. If you recall my earlier posts from my trip to Indy for that conference, this is a chance to teach and be recognized on a national level. So I have to get that together by the Friday deadline.

Busy week. Big day today, though.

By Friday I will need a lot of time on the bike to unwind and/or a lot beer.

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