Monday, June 16, 2008

Mini Vacation

We got back last night from a little mini vacation to Ocean City, MD. I had never been there before. We have some friends that currently live here in Virginia Beach but they are original from Ocean City. We went up there with them and acted as tourist for two days. For those that have never been, it is not much different from Virginia Beach. The real difference is that the ocean front is the only thing to do there so even the locals know and do all the "tourist" stuff. There boardwalk is the main strip. It has storefronts and even a tram that drives up and down. Because of this, bikes are not allowed on their boardwalk past 10 am.

One of the coolest things they had there was a place called Secrets. It is a Jamaican restaurant that is also a night club. It is primarily outdoors. The night club portion is indoors but everything else is outside. It is right on the water, or in some cases right in the water.

You could ride your jet ski up directly to it or your boat a little way out and they have a boat to go out and pick you up and bring you to your table. We sat on one of the tables on land. There were so many bikinis running around that I went into a "my team" overload.

Well it was a fun weekend. We ate a lot and I didn't ride, but my training last week was nearly as planned. My intervals were a little different and I didn't ride on Friday. But I feel like I was on track.

This weeks training should look something like this:

Monday: Weight training. Tempo ride 1.5 hours.
Tuesday: Race at the Sportsplex.
Wednesday: Easy ride.
Thursday: TT intervals. 2- 10k intervals
Friday: Easy ride or off
Saturday: Race?
Sunday: Race.

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