Thursday, June 19, 2008

A little pissed.

What is going on with the racing in Virginia this year? Are cities making it harder to hold races or are promoters just tired of holding races and giving up? So many races are being canceled this year. Just noticed the Tour De Weekend races are off the calendar. Maybe its the racers fault. Have we got too greedy and expect large price list that promoters can't deliver. I know it is harder than ever to get sponsors. Without sponsors prize money comes from the entry fees and essentially takes money away from the clubs. The final Tuesday race at the Sportsplex was canceled due to a field hockey tournament.

Another thing I was pissed at, that also doesn't help the racing in Virginia was the late fee added to the State TT. As most people are aware, what was written on Bike Reg and what was actually done were two different things. The attitude of "you are SOL" by the promoter doesn't help things either. I know race promoting is a thankless job. We do it because without it there are no races. It does give our clubs money and if performed properly can be gratifying. My wife discovered this last year that she LOVES being a race promoter. As soon as we got home from the VBW Smackdown she wanted to promote another race. We looked at the race calendar but it was full. We could have put on more races if we would have known the rest of the season would be canceled. We started the plan for a RR in Suffolk, but the tornadoes put a stop on that.

Here is what I am thinking for next year. My wife and I (and hopefully help from the rest of the team) want to put on a season long Tour of Tidewater. A Poor Man's Tour of Tidewater. No entry fee exceeding $20. We will try to get sponsors for large prizes, but if not maybe we will race for smaller prizes and pride. We are thinking about making it an omni series of about 5 to 7 races spread throughout the season (TT, RR, and Crits). The will be BAR events and prizes at the end for overall winners. Does it sound like you would be interested? Post to comments any ideas or things to make this idea even better. The more comments I have the more likely I would be able to get sponsorship (I a can show how much interest there is).

So I will be at Richmond for GFTL but I will be skipping the TT this weekend. See you at the races.
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