Sunday, June 8, 2008

Virginia Senor State Championship

Summer decided to hit Hampton Roads hard this weekend. With no place to get out of the sun, the heat became a big factor at the race at the Sportsplex in Virginia Beach. In the Cat 4's race teammate John Gray scored a fourth place and Kyle the Kid finished shortly behind him in the pack. Both raced smart and did efforts to keep it a pack finish.

I raced the Cat 3. It wasn't a steady fast race but with all the attacks and the heat it ended up being a hard race.

As you can see the jersey were open as well as the mouths. (Check out the cool VBW compression shirts we had made. They helped keep me a little bit cooler.) There were many attacks and although I was the only one from my team I did what I could when I could to help close them. With 6 or 7 laps to go a break was up the road that looked like it would last.

Bender had been riding strong and always has the potential to succeed in a break. The pack had just started to work together taking short, fast pulls at the front. Again I was doing what I could. Kazane racing had a number of guys they finally got organized and I started working with them. I took a pull through a turn and suddenly Kazane gave up on the chase and I found myself solo. I tried to bridge to this group. I got closer to them then the pack was to me at one point.

But I didn't have what it took to finish it and ended up going back to the pack and finishing among them. Bender took the win.

Good job. He later mixed it up in the Cat 1,2,3 race.

I talked to a couple of people that I had never met before this weekend. After my race during my cool down I talked with Chuck from Harley Davidson. He is a really cool guy and I was glad to see you out there mixing it up giving those Richmond Pro guys a hard time (last time they were at the Sportsplex they took the top 5 places in their race). I didn't stick around to see the finish but I'm sure you did fine.

Also it was good to talk with a fellow blogger and fellow GamJams ambassador Kyle Jones aka pedalnaround.
Hope your TT went well.

As for my TT, it was not great but it could have been worse. As other people told least I looked fast.

All photos in this post were taken by Leah Nisbet. More photos could be seen at:
Also check out her photo blog. Link is on my blog link...Journey Through Life Photography.

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