Monday, June 9, 2008

This Weeks Training 6/9/08

To begin this post I will remind you of what I was planning on doing last week:

Tuesday: Team ride. Interval, drills (no race at the sportsplex because of City scheduling conflict)
Wednesday: Easy ride.
Thursday: TT intervals. 10 mile TT practice in Pungo.
Friday: Easy ride. Probably to and from work.
Saturday: Race. Sportsplex, Senor state championship
Sunday: Race. PLT TT.
I ended up skipping my Wednesday and Friday easy rides. Overall good week of training but I need to step it up.

Monday: No riding.
Tuesday: Race at the Sportsplex
Wednesday: Weight training. 3x3 mile intervals on TT bike
Thursday: 2x10 mile intervals on TT bike
Friday: Easy ride
Saturday and Sunday: Off. I am going out of town with the family and some friends to Ocean City. No bike.

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